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We contribute to the "Information", "Environment", "Life Science", Industry, Products include liquid crystal, electronic components, resins, fibers, medical diagnostics.

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Web Accessibility Policy

As the Internet grows in popularity, websites became important information sources to many people. Websites are open not only for the convenience of certain people, but for anybody who wants to use them.

Because of this, Chisso Corporation puts maximum into maintaining a website that allows people to use it in a comfortable manner.

Creating a Website that People Can Comfortably Use

Our efforts include designing a website that allows all information to be obtained by any equipment and/or software, no matter what the operating instructions are.

In particular, we place emphasis on making sure that the elderly and disabled people will be able to use our website with ease. For example, our website takes into consideration those who use voice output software and people who have difficulty properly reading the content when looking at the screen. Additionally, we make arrangements that allow people who have difficulty using a mouse and keyboard to use our website in an easier manner.

We Respect the JIS Standard to Care for Users and Operate our Website

Chisso respects "JIS X 8341-3" of the Japanese Industrial Standards, which is the guidance for web accessibility. We follow the essential aspects of the standard and try to improve our website as much as possible.

Send Us Your Opinions and We Will Improve Our Web Accessibility

If you have any problems using Chisso Corporation's website, such as being unable to operate it or get information, please let us know.

We try to weigh your opinions and suggestions in order to perfect our website, so that more people can comfortably use it.
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Web Accessibility

Everybody who uses websites can access the information and functions offered on websites with no obstructions, regardless of their physical and mental condition and/or environment for use. Websites need to be particularly concerned about the elderly and disabled, the people who have the most difficulties using websites.

Japanese Industrial Standard JIS X 8341-3

Japanese Industrial Standard regarding web accessibility. It was enacted on June 20, 2004. The formal nomenclature is JIS X 8341-3:2004 "Guidelines for older persons and persons with disabilities -- Information and communications equipment, software and services -- Part 3: Web content.

Considerations Given to Our Website

1.Text size

1. Letters can be magnified or reduced.

2.Description of external link

Links to other sites, which open on separate windows, are shown with an icon.

3.Audio browser

Unnecessary space and line breaks are eliminated because the audio browser cannot read text properly if a space or a line break is inserted within a word.

wrong → Kyu syu
right → Kyusyu

Dates are described in the format of month, date and year because the audio browser cannot read dates described using "/" or ".".

wrong → 2006/03/15
right → March 15, 2006

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