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Synthetic nitric and synthetic acetic acid, implementation one after another corporatization of chloroethene.

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Historical Overview

1906 Sogi Electric Company founded.
1908 Company name changed to NIPPON CHISSO HIRYO K.K. Start of the production of calcium nitrate using an air-nitrogen fixing process in Minamata Factory.
1923 World-first manufacture of ammonia using the Casale ammonia synthesis process first.
1927 Chosen Chisso Hiryo K.K. established. "Hungnam Factory" constructed as the world's then largest chemical industrial complex.
1941 Commencement of polyvinyl chloride production Manufacturing facilities using the Casale ammonia synthesis process
1945 Resumption of ammonium fertilizer (ammonium sulfate) production gave Chisso a nationwide lead.
1946 Manufacture of acetate fiber restarted.
1950 The company made a new start as Shin-Nippon Chisso Hiryo K.K.
1952-53 Manufacturing facilities for octanol, DOP, and acetate staple completed.
1955 Manufacturing facilities for high-titer compound fertilizer completed.
1959 Manufacturing facilities for high-purity metallic silicon completed.
1960 Kyushu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. established.
1962 Chisso Petrochemical Corporation established.
1963 Chisso Polypro Fiber Co., Ltd. established. Manufacturing facilities for polypropylene and polypropylene fiber completed.
1965 Company name changed to Chisso Corporation (present name).
1969 Manufacturing facilities for polyethylene completed. Manufacturing
1973 Manufacturing facilities for liquid crystal materials completed.
1974 Manufacturing facilities for thermo-bonding composite fibers (ES Fiber) completed.
1980 Manufacturing facilities for organic silicon compounds completed.
1981 MEISTER and Cellufine manufacturing facilities completed.
1984 Manufacturing facilities for polylysine completed.
1985 Kumamoto Fine Co., Ltd. established.
1987 Manufacturing facilities for polypropyleneby the Chisso gas-phase process completed. Chisso America Inc. established.
1989 Sun Electronics Co., Ltd established.
1994 Shanghai Jin Chang Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou ES Fiber Co., Ltd. established.
2000 Chisso revival plan came into effect. ES FiberVisions, LP established (United States).
2003 Japan Polypropylene Corporation established to integrate the company's polypropylene interests.
2004 CHISSO CHINA Co., Ltd. established.
CHISSO KOREA Co., Ltd. established.
CHISSO FINE TECHNO Co., Ltd. established.
2005 Construction of LCD alignment film and overcoat production facility in South Korea completed.
2006 The 100th ANNIVERSARY of founding.
ES Fibervisions Co.,Ltd. Set up in Japan.
CHISSO TAIWAN Co., Ltd Tainan factory completed.
COMUSA LLC COVINGTON factory completed.
2008 JAPAN SOLAR SILICON CO.,Ltd. established.
2010 CHISSO ES ASIA(CHANGSHU) CO.,Ltd. established.
2011 JNC CORPORATION established.

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