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CHISSO For The Second Century

JNC CORPORATION established. We have assinged all businesses to JNC CORPORATION. JNC CORPORATION Home Page

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May 14,2012 Notice of Temporary Suspension of Homepage and E-mail Transimission

November 14,2011 Notice on change of corporate name of subsidiary

September 01,2011 Notice on change of corporate names of subsidiaries

July 07,2011 Notice for temporary suspension of home page and e-mail transmission

July 07,2009 Development of Super Durable Hard Coat Film

January 14,2009 Chisso Corporation and Cambrios Technologies Corporation Agree to Jointly Develop Materials for Wet Processed Transparent Electrically Conductive Inks

May 28,2008 Japanese Consortium to Manufacture and Sell Polycrystalline Silicon for Solar Cells